Nathan – T’choupi joue à cache cache


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T’choupi joue à cache cache

T’choupi joue à cache-cache avec maman et avec papa. Maman se cache, puis c’est au tour de T’choupi. Mais qui trouvera la meilleure cachette ?
Une histoire qui parle de complicité et de rire entre les enfants et les parents. Dès 3 ans.



A big step in autonomy, T’choupi brushes his teeth alone! T’choupi’s dad gives him an hourglass, and his mom a new toothbrush. They teach him a little song to brush his teeth all by himself, like a grown-up! From 3 years old.


T’choupi plays hide and seek T’choupi is playing hide and seek with mom and dad. Mom hides, then it’s T’choupi’s turn. But who will find the best hiding place? A story that talks about complicity and laughter between children and parents. From 2 years old.


24 pages

Size : 6.4 x 0.4 x 6.6 inches

Age : +3 yo





3-6 years


$10 and under, Books, French Language




$10 and under


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