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How It Started​

My Bulle Toys was founded in 2019. The creator, Fanny, is a mother of two and French teacher in a French-American bilingual school in Florida. She’s spent years combining the best of both worlds between the French and American educational philosophies, learning that offering a variety of learning tools and approaches helps every child find the right path for them and enjoy learning.


Fanny believes that children are born with a natural sense of curiosity and love of learning, which can be supported by engaging their existing interests and curiosity to "connect the dots" to other subjects. Wanting to provide her children with creative French educational products (and finding none available in the American market), she recognized a need to supply them.

Founders Nico and Fanny
Founders Nico and Fanny

During one of Fanny's semiannual trips to Paris, she decided bring back a variety of French educational toys and objects to share with families in the U.S. Her friends and the parents of her students were soon begging her to bring back more items each trip. When Fanny's husband, Nico, wondered whether they could make the toys accessible to kids across the U.S., My Bulle Toys was created!

We've grown our family business ever since, opening a physical store and online shop to allow families all over the United States to access our product line. Now, every child can learn a variety of subjects the fun way (including French) through My Bulle Toys' educational toys and supplies.

We search high and low to find items that engage children and capture their attention to ensure that the lessons imparted aren't quickly forgotten.

What Makes My Bulle Toys So Different?

We offer you a product line and experience not available anywhere else in the U.S. Read on to see how we do it!

Great Service

We pride ourselves on offering great service at every opportunity, whether you need help finding the perfect item or have questions about your order.

Fun Learning French

We provide the resources to make French fun and engaging, whether your child is a native speaker building their French, or is learning French for the first time.

Unique Selection

We work hard to bring you items that aren't available anywhere else in the U.S., at an affordable price point. We want to make these great toys accessible to every family!

Educational Excellence

With her experience in childhood education, our founder sources only the best and most intriguing educational resources currently available on the French market. 

Subscription Boxes for Kids Ages 0-9 from My Bulle Toys

Overwhelmed by options with our awesome selection of books, toys, and educational games? No problem: we're here to help! Provide us with some basic information about your kiddo and we'll put together a customized subscription box each month with educational books and games based on their interests. 

Feedback from Our Customers

We love receiving customer feedback! Take a look at our reviews and testimonials to see what our customers think of our products and service. 

"Such a beautiful store with great multilingual toys and books . Owned by husband and wife , it’s a great place to buy gifts for kids and help them expand their minds 🙂 has a play area too to encourage kids to stay and enjoy the space."

Isabelle P.

"I have yet to visit the store but I will be sure to review then. I purchased books and materials for my son online. I missed to apply my coupon. A quick email and the owner let me know that he would reimburse me the difference. The books arrived super fast. The service was great! I can only imagine how in person will be. Thank you for bringing a piece of french language for our kids in SF."


"What a beautiful store! We are so glad to have a new toy store in Boca with lots of great articles . Not only it carries lots of fun toys but there is also french books ,arts and craft for kids all ages and lots of educational toys as well. The owners know their product and will guide you through your shopping experience. If you want something different to offer or get for your kids , this is the place ! you won't find these toys in regular stores, which makes it even more special."

Emilie D.

"Great experience with the products I bought online a few months ago online and Fanny was very accommodating by shipping a separate book later at no shipping cost because that book was running late. The books themselves are great quality and typical French children’s books. My toddler loves them. I highly recommend la bibliothèque de Tchoupi. You get Several books at a good price
Thanks My Bulle Toys for the no tax fees! Like in France. MERCI BEAUCOUP"


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