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Entertaining Your Child During Car and Plane Trips

Everything started perfectly well. Everybody woke up early and in a pretty good mood. Everybody knows that children like their sleep, so if they didn't scream, kick, or anything else, we can agree that it was ...
yellow pink and green sparkle pastel floral bridal shower

Educational Toys: Must-Haves for This Summer

Every summer has the same problem : what will you do to keep your kid entertained and spark their imagination? Summer camp is not always the best option for older kids, and if your child is ...
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How Musical Toys Can Benefit Your Toddler

Encyclopedia Brittanica defines a toddler as a child who is between 12 and 36 months old (1 to 3 years old), as does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 2 The CDC considers children who ...
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Engaging Your Kids in Learning at Home With Montessori Educational Toys

The Montessori educational style is becoming more and more popular among parents who wish to support their child's natural love of learning and autonomy with an educational system based on those values. Read on to learn ...
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Helping Your American Child Get Started Learning French

You are a French native; perhaps your spouse is a French native as well. Your child was born in the US and will obviously be an English speaker, but you want him or her to speak ...

Helping Your French-American Child Maintain and Grow Their French Skills

 In our modern world, interculturality is no longer something rare (without speaking of dramatic situations in which people have to flee their own country). Thanks to the development of transportations and the decrease of their price, ...
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