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  • Twisty is a family-friendly strategy game challenging players to collect tokens in sequences that change every game!
  • High-Quality Family Game – DJECO games are made for play and stand up to multiple game sessions, travel, and everything in between.
  • Family Strategy – Twisty enforces easy-learn strategy by challenging players to collect token in sequences that change every time they play!
  • A strategic game about collecting cubes, while jumping across the board that changes from game to game. The board consists of 49 squares, on 44 of those squares is placed wooden counters, which either contains a colored cube or special jump allowance. Players get 7 colored counters, which they place in front of them, which indicates in what order they have to pick up the colored cubes.On a players turn they have to jump their game piece like a horse in chess, and either pick up the cube, if it’s the next in their line, leave the cube, or do the special jump on the counter. Player can also steal cubes from the other players, as long as it’s the next in their line, unless those cubes are safe. Whoever manages to pick up all 7 cubes and end their turn in the middle square wins the game.
  • Award Winning – Received the 2019 EducaFLIP prize that identifies games with high education potential.
  • From 8 yo
  • EAN 3070900084049

6-9 years, 10+ years, 12+ years




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