Rainy Day Crafts and Activities for Kids to Fight Boredom

If you have already experienced summers in Florida, you know that the rain comes any time of the day, it can last long, or not, and it can rain cats and dogs!

You will have to change your plans and get ready to help your child find something to do, if possible, far from a TV screen. We are here to help with fresh ideas.

If you work from home and don’t have time to handle the situation, no need to feel guilty. Being bored is good too when you are a child, they can learn something from it.


You can feel upset when your kid feels bored. They have so many games, toys, they supposed to have imagination ! You give them everything you have and they don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, it is normal and good to feel bored sometimes.


Being bored from time to time is normal for a child. However, because our society values efficient use of time, boredom is often frowned upon. This is why some parents always try to keep their kiddos busy when they say they are bored by finding different interesting activities to do. 

In fact, some parents fill their child’s agenda by planning activities or enrolling them in classes. Of course, this is well-intentioned: parents want the best for their child. However, by organizing everything for them, toddlers have little free time to learn how to organize themselves and decide what they want to do. This can leave them helpless when they have free time and are bored. 

In addition, children in child care may also find it difficult to manage their boredom because they are used to having many play partners. Although they may not always play with other children , their mere presence is stimulating and entertaining for them. It can also make toddlers feel awkward when they are alone: they get bored and don’t know how to play alone.


It is important for a child to experience boredom from time to time. Being bored helps to stimulate creativity and solve small problems. When a child is alone and bored, it is an opportunity for him to listen to his inner world, his desires and his tastes. Having nothing to do allows him to develop his imaginary world and his creativity in order to have fun, in addition to teaching him to feel good about himself.

Boredom also allows them to see reality differently. A bored child notices details that he would miss if he were busy. For example, it is because he is bored that he observes the path of the drop of water that goes down the window pane or that he notices the ant that moves slowly on the gallery. He can then invent a whole story around this drop of water or this ant if he has the opportunity to live these moments alone.

When bored, a kid also gets used to playing alone. He learns to make his own decisions. This allows him to feel more in control of his environment and to develop his self-confidence.

When a child is able to play alone in his moments of boredom, he also develops his autonomy. Free play in which a kid decides for himself what to do teaches him to manage without constantly needing support from others. This is a quality that will help him throughout his life to function well in daycare and school, for example.


The more your child is able to play alone, the less bored she/he will be. But some children haven’t learned to play alone. Find out how you can encourage your child to play alone.

Spend time with your child. It may seem like a contradiction in terms, but this time of affection and intimacy is a priority for your toddler. It’s what helps her feel loved and gain the confidence and independence to play on her own. 

Start an activity with him, help him at first, then step back and let him continue on his own. To encourage him to create his own games, you can make positive comments about how he’s doing, such as “That’s a really tall tower!”.

  • Night has fallen on the castle and the assault is ready to begin! Fortunately, the building is guarded by valiant knights and a fierce dragon! Thanks to this beautiful cardboard castle and its 8 wooden figurines, children aged 3 years and up will be able to invent crazy Medieval adventures and give free rein to their imagination! The first fun step is to build the castle! Children can bring the grandiose scene to life by assembling the various rigid cardboard parts, with the help of an adult. Then, it's exciting story time in this 3-tower castle, complete with a drawbridge with a gate, a prison and a grand staircase that provides access to the first floor to fend off the attackers. The 5 knights, 2 horses and the dragon - all made of wood - will undoubtedly have their work cut out for them, with our budding writers at the helm.
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Set aside time for free play in your child’s schedule. These times may be boring at first, but over time they will become spontaneous and rewarding playtime for your child.

Keep toys available that are appropriate for your child’s abilities and tastes, and if they have easy access to toys they enjoy, your child will find it easier to find ways to have fun without your help.

Now that you know that it is not a big of a deal to let your child being bored (especially if you are too busy to be with him at this moment), we are here to help you find some great activities for your kid, and you, if you are available.


Like a headache for parents, it’s often difficult to find an activity for the kids on a rainy day. When everyone is bored, the worries begin and the tension mounts. With a little imagination and inspiration, these days at home become an opportunity to change habits and discover new horizons. Discover 13 ways to keep kids of all ages busy and have a great time together, indoor or outdoor.

  1. Make a cabin

Yes , in the house! Kids love huts, even older kids! You can let their imagination run wild or help them, for example by hanging blankets around a bunk bed, or by stacking boxes to make an impregnable citadel. In the same spirit, you can play hide and seek.

2. Dressing up

Children love to dress up as their favorite characters and heroes. By dressing up in their clothes, they feel as if they are taking on their character traits…. But if the kids don’t have a “classic” costume (princess, Indian, knight…), you can always lend your own wardrobe and have fun helping them look like mom or dad. Even better if you kept your clothes from the 80s or 90s!

3. Drawing/painting

This is a quiet activity that allows children to express themselves artistically, to tell the story of their day as they felt it, or to prepare gifts for those they love.

Craft time with the kids doesn’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as coffee filter colour mixing is not only fun, but fascinating for kids to see all the different shades that can be made by combining colours. The paint spreads and is absorbed by the coffee filters in a beautiful way.

Why not try making some toilet roll shapes? All you need is some paint and some toilet paper rolls, and you’re all set! Simply cut the rolls in half, bend them into the shapes you want, and let the kids go to town! You’ll end up with some really unique pieces of art, and the kids will have a blast too!

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4. Read stories

We often read a story before going to bed, it’s a warm moment that most children enjoy… no need to confine this sharing moment to bedtime! Take a book, sit comfortably on a child’s bed or on the couch, and read them stories (you can read the same one 5 times if they ask for it).

Some children also like to write poems or make up stories, so please encourage them! 

5. Play a board game

It’s friendly, it helps to awaken and concentrate them, and it’s (relatively) calm: what more could you ask for? The only difficulty lies in the choice of the game… if the children can’t agree, decide for them. Be careful, be an attentive and fair referee! If you can’t find a board game, you can play portrait (“I think of someone”) or neither yes nor no game (it’s trivial but it always makes the children laugh) or even cards.

  • Djeco - First game Animo puzzle Domino
    Djeco – First game Animo puzzle Domino
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  • DJECO- Fishing Colour Magnetic game
    DJECO- Fishing Colour Magnetic game
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  • Moulin Roty - Nature Lotto card board game
    Moulin Roty – Nature Lotto card board game
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  • Janod - Water Buffalo balancing game
    Janod – Water Buffalo balancing game
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6. Cook

Ask the kids to help you prepare dinner, put an apron on each one and make it a fun time. For example, if one of the children starts to read, ask him to decipher the recipe for you. You can also do a little quiz (is it a fruit or a vegetable? is it sweet or salty?) and make everyone responsible with a mission that matches their abilities (stirring, cutting, watching, mixing) to give the meal a taste of pride (it’s delicious and it helps to finish your plate). If you are baking, use food coloring , what a fun activity!

7. Playing games

Red light, green light, Simon says, hide and seek, invent a treasure hunt… The children will be delighted to be able to “heckle” a little in the house! 

8. Making origami

For the little ones, teach them how to fold a sheet of paper to make an airplane or a paper boat. For the older ones, download models on the internet to teach them how to make a crane, a fish, a horse…! 

  • Djeco - Sea creatures origami
    Djeco – Sea creatures origami
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  • Djeco - Origami sweet treats
    Djeco – Origami sweet treats
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  • Djeco - Fortune Tellers Origami
    Djeco – Fortune Tellers Origami
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  • Djeco - Origami Animals
    Djeco – Origami Animals
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9. Invent a show

Children’s imagination is vast! Suggest that they invent a show (dance, theater…) to present to their parents/grandparents/nanny, something to keep them busy for several evenings (inventing the story, finding disguises, making the “sets”…)! For the little ones, teach them “choreographies” on nursery rhymes they know well.

10.  Play… just play

Just let the kids play with their favorite toys next to your desk while you are working and make up their adventures. Sometimes that’s all they need to have a good time!

11. Enjoy the rain!

Let’s face it, spring showers is not going to excite your kids. 

If you only have a drizzly day and thunderstorms are at bay, your child can have fun exploring the world when wet.

Puddles, snails, and more are all within reach when it’s wet, and tell me, what kid doesn’t love to put on a pair of rain boots?

12. Walk in the woods

We are so used to avoiding rain that we forget that trees protect us from it.  In the woods, the walk will be more pleasant. And depending on the season, you will certainly have interesting or even edible things to pick up with the children. Take advantage of the walk to start a herbalist.

13. Go to the museum or the theater

Some museums or exhibitions are designed for children and are very interactive. They can have fun and learn things without noticing it.

By choosing books on the theme, one can also explain the visit in advance, discuss what one is going to see, ask questions. This helps build anticipation skills, and position ourselves as information seekers.

And it is an activity that you can enjoy too!

If you are not into museums, rainy days are perfect to go to the theater and enjoy a movie, with pop corns of course!


It is rare to find somebody who would prefer a rainy day than a sunny one. But sometimes, we have no choice but to make the most of a situation. Keep this list in the back of your mind, and be prepared! We have everything you need on our website: come and visit us and start a fun project with your kid!

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