How to Prepare Your Kid for Back to School

Welcome to back to school season!

As the school year begins, your children are probably feeling excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over.

New teachers, friends, or even different schools can be scary for some kids on their first day of classes each year but these worries only last a short while as they get used to the routine again with help from helpful adults .


The start of a new school year can be exciting, with all the possibilities that come along. You get to meet your classmates and explore different areas in which you never went before or even knew existed! It’s like starting over again and reinvent yourself, have a new routine if you want to!

First, let’s tell them why going to school is exciting.


Because of COVID, many students experienced homeschooling and are so glad to go to in person school again !

Interacting with others is a crucial part in your child development. From an early age, children learn how to share, take turns, and resolve conflicts. These skills are essential for developing positive relationships with both peers and adults. While parents and guardians play a pivotal role in teaching these skills, school life also play an important role in helping children learn to interact positively with their peers and teachers. Through interactions both in the classroom and on the playground, children learn about healthy relationship skills and how to develop them further. As they progress through school, they continue to build upon these skills, eventually developing into well-rounded adults who are able to effectively navigate both personal and professional relationships.

But, after 2 years of remote learning, attending school in person must have been challenging, and some might have chosen to stay this way. With in person school, you have to step out your confort zone and face real people. Many children faced anxiety, and to prepare kids to meet others kids, your parenting skills might not be enough. Don’t hesitate to look for help outside your house as soon as school begins. For example, in Florida, the State Board of Education passed a rule requiring every Florida public school to provide students in grade 6-12 at least five hours of mental health instruction each year and their website provide links to go further.


Being on vacation and at home is great, you can spend time with your brothers and sisters, your family, playing instead of learning things; sometimes you are not interested.

But school is also a place of independence, where your kid can be with his/her friends all day without having to ask your parents for a playdate. They have relationships with adults who don’t see them as the beautiful baby they will always be to their parents. Kids get to choose their lunch at the cafeteria (yes you can have the same chicken sandwich every day if you want) and discuss what they want. That’s also what going back to school is : Freedom.


At the beginning of the school year, children will find all their old friends and will be able to talk about summer. but there will also be new students!

These new people will make them discover new places if they come from different countries or states, new fashions and will have plenty to talk about. It will also be an opportunity for your child to feel useful and important by acting as a guide for these new students.

 Whether it’s because of shyness or social anxiety, for so many kids, the idea of making new friends can be intimidating. But don’t worry! There are always ways around this problem if you take some time out to think about what could go wrong when meeting someone for the first time – and then prepare your child accordingly beforehand by talking things through .



Get all necessary supplies out ahead of schedule (pens, tissues etc.) because they won’t be around forever. To do a little shopping will add fun to back to school, and your child might look forward to go back to school just to be able to use his new colored pencils or his beautiful notebook. Moreover, kids don’t like to be the ones who don’t have everything when their teacher ask. By buying everything weeks before will make them feel ready and relax.

Usually, parent don’t like this shopping day and find the list too long and expensive, but just remember how miserable you felt when you were a kid and did not comply with what your teacher asked, even if it was your parents’ fault.

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Some will prefer to wear the clothes they already have in their closet. They like them, know them and feel comfortable with them. A new class and a new teacher bring enough novelty for him.

But your child may also like a fresh start. Starting the year in brand new clothes is another positive and an opportunity for you to spend some quality time together.


Summer vacation are very long and it is easy to forget everything you learn during the school year. Depending on the grades of your kid, and even if the first week is generally dedicated to review everything, it is not always easy to come back in the game.

You can encourage your child to read books during summer.

It could also be interesting to buy a summer activity book. Doing one or two pages a day won’t hurt him, and it will prevent his memory to erase everything he learned. Try to explain the benefits of this method : spending less than one hour a day on this during summer, when he has nothing else to do, will allow him to start school with everything in mind and spend less time on his homework. Your child will thank you when he will finish his homework in 10 minutes instead of one hour after a whole day of school!


This summer is almost over which means that it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for back-to school. There are so many things you need before the new school year starts!


If your child is only thinking about the challenges that await him at the beginning of the year, it will be very stressful. Talk to your child and determine reasonable outcomes.

If he has abilities in a subject, he will not lose them, especially if he works normally. There is no need to worry about that subject.

For classes where he is not very strong, talk to him about the minimum grades he needs to pass. Look at the grades he had the year before to determine if he will be able to reach that minimum.

Then propose to him to take stock of the situation one month after the beginning of the school year, to see if a help (like additional courses) will be useful for him. Having a defined strategy and the support of his parents will help him relax.


Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is important for children’s mental wellbeing.

They will have more energy and be able to focus throughout their morning, as opposed those who eat sugary cereals that make them feel sluggish in the middle of school hours.

A good way you can get into this habit is by incorporating some new foods into routine—such as apples or bananas on toast! You may also want try whole grain bread instead so it has both fiber from grains along with protein – which makes people wired after eating.

How to Prepare Your Kid for Back to School, My Bulle Toys


One way to avoid mad mornings is by setting out clothes the night before.

This will give your child more time in case they need to change or wash something on-the spot! Younger kids can also help with this routine, which means less stress for parents who are usually running around trying do everything at once come pick up hour (or sooner).


Make sure to get back into your bedtime routine now so your kiddo can wake up early and be ready for the first day of school.

The summer break often makes it hard to stick with a set schedule, but this is an important step in getting enough sleep while also ensuring that their minds are clear when they start school again!


For many parents, this is especially important if they are returning to in-person learning after periods of remote teaching.

You and your child will casually meet the child’s teacher, see the seat the teacher has assigned to your child and maybe the kids’ names around him! You will meet classmates who come the same day as you, and it will let your child to smoothly reconnect with his school, the buildings, its atmosphere etc.

After two months, your child may have forgotten what his school was like and had a false image of it (something cold, big, scary); coming back to it will give him a better idea of what it is like.

It is also the perfect time to talk to your kid if you feel that something is off. He may have had problems that he didn’t tell you about. The vacations are a good time to talk about it because he will have had time to distance himself and reflect. Help him understand what happened and assure him that this new year will be different. Plan to talk to the teacher, and if necessary, suggest that he/she talk to a trusted third party.

How to Prepare Your Kid for Back to School, My Bulle Toys


 You can always tell when your kids are happy because they smiling. If well prepared, this new year of school will be great. Parents are so proud to see their kids growing up and thriving; it is also a bitter sweet feeling that with years passing by, because you know that your kid is heading to more and more of independence. While it is still time, as soon as school starts, why not let them know that you love them by including a note with their lunch or snack?

Happy back to school to everyone from MyBulleToys

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