Janod – One day at school


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  • Is the bell ringing? It’s time to go to class! With this set of accessories and cardboard characters, children will become real little teachers! With four 65 cm high pupils and a multitude of accessories! Children from 3 years old will be able to imitate the grown ups and set up their own classroom. Teaching, passing round materials, even eating in the canteen! This comprehensive imitation game contains a total of 250 accessories, enough to have hours of fun and imagine you’re a teacher. This game will allow children to develop their imagination, their organisational skills, and why not revise their lessons while playing at being a teacher! Why not take the opportunity to discuss important concepts with them: behaving well in class, taking care of your equipment, waiting your turn. This product is made of FSC® -certified and other controlled material.♥ It’s fun to do what grown-ups do, with the “Un Jour?” range from Janod: complete sets of accessories and life-size characters for imagining lots of stories! Taking care of others, pretending to do the job of your dreams…
  • Age : 3-6 yo





3-6 years


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