Janod – Sling wooden puck game (passe trappe)


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  • Do you know how to play Sling Puck? This game for two players is an exciting game of skill and concentration!
  • The aim of the game: be the first to launch all your counters into your opponent’s half of the board. The tokens show the heads of funny little characters. They’re all wearing helmets so they won’t hurt themselves!
  • This beautiful wooden game is perfect for children aged 3 and over. It develops concentration and alertness, as well as strategic thinking skills.
  • Get ready for hours of fun for kids and adults alike! You can store all the parts in the cotton bag provided.
  • The set includes 5 players for 2 teams and 8 tokens – get them through the slots to score points. This Sling Puck set is made using wood from sustainably managed forests.

3-6 years


Educational, Toys




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