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Let all witty and ridiculous thoughts flourish: there are no right-or-wrong answers in this hilarious game of tale spinning and illogical reasoning!

Use a random picture card and associate it with your personality!
String together three cards and create a story! Or…
Pick up two completely random cards and find a connection between them!

The symbol on the dice determines your storytelling challenge each time – so bring out your tallest tales because it’ll score you the most points in this wild game of imaginative story spinning !

• Speech and communication
• Creative thinking
• Imagination and active new idea generation
• Improvisation techniques
• Self-confidence
• Overall cognitive development

Don’t forget to refer to our last two pictures on the slider above for full instructions!

2 – 4 players | Set includes: 1 die, 240 picture cards, set of instructions

Age : 7-99 yo

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